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Line Sander Johansen works in an enchanted world of her own making. Her atelier in Copenhagen is a bastion of the handmade where her needle and thread patch together poetic pieces from found fabric remnants: an inherently sustainable practise where every little scrap from vintage, antique and discarded textiles as well as artisan Khadi cotton is put to use.

In Line’s hands, the innate, sleeping value of something is awakened and elevated; accentuating her belief that everything possesses something charming and worthwhile. Her work is her own quiet riot against the mass-produced and mechanical – a Wunderkammer of patched time-travel treasures. In mending the broken, she inevitably seeks to mend the heart.

Weaving in emotions from her museum of memories, Line’s intuitive process draws on years of work as a textile collector and consultant. Part conservator and maker, she finds beauty in the abandoned, collecting and assembling new and reimagined garments, soft furnishings, and accessories, imbued with a sense of humility and appreciation of the world’s resources.

Rooted in her countryside upbringing near some of Denmarks historic estates where the old-fashioned ‘thou’ was still in use, Line’s work springs from the magic of storytelling: in tightly scribbled notebooks, trawling through dusty flea markets and time spent in hidden attic chambers under Parisian rooftops. Her work is a place of dreaming and wonder, translated into valuable and useful pieces to cherish.